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step outside summertime's in bloom

9 November 1994
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falling in love at a coffeeshop
mar’yana, f, 110994, i was a happy exchange student in the US (2012/13), ukrainian born, living in italy, student, amateur photographer, sarcastic, crybaby, self-critical, naive, tv show addict, k-pop lover.
♫ big bang, 2ne1, infinite, b.a.p, exo, f(x), b1a4, mblaq, simple plan, oasis, noel gallagher, b2st, t-max, u-kiss, brown eyed girls, shinee, 2pm, super junior, 4minute, ss501, dalmatian, epik high, kara, 2am, sistar, secret, teen top, c.n.blue, t-ara, mighty mouth, davichi... k-pop, anything k-pop yeah!
★ david tennant, joseph gordon-levitt, gaspard ulliel, heath ledger, james mcavoy, alan rickman, johnny depp, john barrowman, billie piper, zoey deschanel, jung il woo, lee minho, hyun bin, gong yu, kim joon, emily browning, anne hathaway, robert downey jr.
☮ sherlock, the walking dead, doctor who, game of thrones, merlin, reply 1997, shut up flower boy band, 49 days, coffee prince, boys over flowers, glee / mysterious skin, finding neverland, ed wood, the secret that cannot be told, one day, atonement, the emperor's new groove, tangled
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